LEGO Ideas Is Releasing a 2,585-Piece Functioning Globe Set

January 19, 2022
Posted in Gaming
January 19, 2022 Tumelo Moloi

After delivering an 11,695-piece world map through its ART series, LEGO is back with something new to feed your wanderlust.

Part of the LEGO Ideas division, the LEGO GLOBE is a project led by the 23-year-old Guillaume Roussel — Disneybrick55 — who submitted the idea in early 2020. This 2585-piece kit sees a functional globe made from customizable vintage bricks and has printed names of each of the continents and oceans that glow in the dark. Once complete, this globe can actually spin to properly display the Earth.

Inspired by the tales of Jules Verne, Guillaume talked about how he approached the design, “When approaching the design, I asked myself ‘what could be creative, educational and touch most of the world?’ And the answer was just ‘the world itself’.”

The LEGO Ideas 21332 The Globe set is available to purchase from February 1 via LEGO for a price of $199.99 USD.

In other toy news, this LEGO Ideas set channels the 1975 film JAWS.


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