You can search for songs on Spotify using lyrics now

October 7, 2020
Posted in Tech
October 7, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

Sometimes you just have to know which song it was where Fred Durst said, “L-I-M-P Bizkit is right here!” Take heart, Spotify’s newest little feature will help you out in those dire circumstances.

As of Monday, Spotify users can now type lyrics into the music streaming app’s search bar and expect to find which song the lyrics are from. We’ve all been there: Sometimes you can remember a line from a song, but no other information about it. With lyric searching on Spotify, you no longer need to turn to Google to figure out what you have stuck in your head.

Spotify is a little bit of a Johnny-come-lately here. Apple Music has had this feature since the rollout of iOS 12 a couple of years ago; this feature merely brings Spotify up-to-date with one of its more prominent competitors. 

As for how it works, it seems pretty self-explanatory, if not always perfect at its job. I tested it out by searching for Bruce Springsteen lyrics, because I’m spiritually 65 years old. Spotify kept surfacing covers of the songs instead of the originals. That still technically works if you just want to know the title of a song, but it’s not ideal. Maybe it’s just a quirk of a newly launched feature and the kinks will get ironed out over time.

Regardless, this is one thing Apple Music can’t claim it has over Spotify anymore. The two services are competitors, but Spotify had more than double the amount of premium subscribers when it reported numbers earlier this year. 


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