Latest Emoji Update Brings 200 New Skin Tones to Couples Icons

September 21, 2020
September 21, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

The Unicode Consortium has put together a new Emoji update that’s bringing 200 new skin tones to various existing graphics, mainly focusing on those featuring a couple.

The volunteer group says that the new additions will revolve around two core Emojis — “couple with heart” and “couples kissing” — hoping to increase representation and inclusion for interracial and minority couples. Along with the 200 options, there’ll also be seven brand new graphics that include a heart on fire, a bandaged heart, a person with a beard and a female equivalent, an exhaling face, a dizzied face with spiral eyes and a squiggly mouth, and a face hidden behind clouds.

While the 13.1 update is relatively minor, Unicode says that it was put together by a group of volunteers in order for users to at least have something fresh in 2021. The organization originally intended to release a larger 14.0 update in March of next year, but because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the release date has been pushed back to September. This means that various operating systems most likely won’t be able to incorporate the update until the end of 2021 or even some time in 2022, leaving the entire next year without new Emojis.

As for Unicode 13.1, the package is due to release over the coming months, probably after the current 13.0 version has completely launched.


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