Heritage Day, World Rhino Day, Tourisim Month at The Castle of Good Hope

September 21, 2020
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September 21, 2020 Tumelo Moloi
Photo by: KGC-375/STAR MAX/IPx
Undated picture released by Kensington Palace of Prince Harry who is the new Patron of Rhino Conservation Botswana, following his visit to the country in September last year when he joined an RCB operation to fit electronic tracking devices to critically endangered black rhinos, which had been translocated to the Okavango Delta. As the sedative takes effect, a large female black rhino wedges herself into a sickle bush. It's important to protect the rhino's eyes during an immobilisation, so applying a soft blindfold is the first priority. Prince Harry is in charge of this delicate procedure. He has to move carefully as rhinos may take a swipe at any movement near their heads.

The 354-year old Castle of Good Hope, after months of forced closure and relative inaction, restarts its return to ‘normality’ with an array of exciting programs and activities.

“September is Heritage and Tourism Month. It thus fits that one of South Africa’s oldest and most imminent heritage-tourism institutions leads the way to mark this important period. Fittingly, the theme for Tourism Month is “Tourism: Building Peace! Fostering Knowledge while the theme for Heritage Month is “Celebrating South Africa’s living human treasures”. We are also very fortunate to use 22 September, World Rhino Day, (which is also the official beginning of Spring in the southern hemisphere), to re-open the Castle with the launch of a harrowing art exhibition coming to the Castle later this year” says Calvyn Gilfellan, CEO of the Castle Control Board.

Herewith some detail of an exciting Heritage Week at the Castle:

22 SEPTEMBER, WORLD RHINO DAY: This Rhino art exhibition, confirmed to open in the first week of December 2020 officially, tells the story, through art, of an artist’s encounters with rhinos wounded by the greed and cruelty of humans.  Monique van Deventer regularly accompanies her husband, Dr Ryan van Deventer, who is a wildlife veterinarian, on field trips in KZN.  As an artist, Monique was shocked to see the suffering and sometimes death of these animals who are globally being poached to extinction.  Her powerful drawings and ceramic renditions of bones show five specific rhinos who have been affected by this cruelty.  Her sensitive “portraits” bring home the fact that these are sentient beings.

“The exhibition, curated by Carol Brown who is known for her exhibitions and research in art through activism and social concerns, is intended to bring this important issue to the forefront through Monique’s drawings, sculptures and photographs (see attachment). These will be shown in the 354-year-old historic stable in the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, from mid-December 2020.  This is a joint project with Iziko Museums and the Castle Control Board. The exhibition is intended to be a voice for the ‘voiceless’ and to increase awareness of humanities disregard for and destruction of the planet before it is too late”, says curator Carol Brown.

23 SEPTEMBER: SPECIAL PROVINCIAL PRAYER SERVICE FOR THE VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS OF COVID-19: Also on Tuesday, is a joint Western Cape Government, City of Cape Town & South African Religious Forum COVID-19 prayer service will be held in the old Chapel in the Castle.

“COVID-19 came as an unpleasant surprise and shock to all of us.  Many South Africans have lost their lives and livelihoods. This special thanksgiving service is meant to celebrate the lives of those who have succumbed to this deadly virus.  But it is also an opportunity to thank those brave women, men and children who risk their lives in the frontline fighting this scourge. As we move into the phase of re-opening, rebuilding and picking up the pieces, we need to reflect, and thank our Creator for his mercy to those who have made it” says Bishop Templeton, national chairperson of the South African Religious Forum.

The service is scheduled to start at 10h00.

24 SEPTEMBER, NATIONAL HERITAGE DAY & LAUNCH OF HISTORIC MUSLIM MUSEUM AT THE CASTLE: On Thursday, 24 September, access to the Castle will be FREE OF CHARGE to all South Africans and touristS.

One of the highlights of the day is the launch of a first-ever South African Muslim Heritage Museum (MHMSA).

“Over recent months, members from our community has requested a much-needed Museum for Muslims and their contributions to the South African community at large.  People in Heritage fields had ongoing meetings and eventually registered an NGO and established the MHMSA, Muslim Heritage Museum of South Africa.  It is a first of its nature in South Africa.  Treasure Yourself Magazine came on board as it is often referred to as a ‘moving Museum’ says Fadia Mohammed, spokesperson for this historic initiative.

27 SEPTEMBER, COMMEMORATION OF THE BATTLE OF SQUARE HILL: On Sunday, the focus shifts to our intricate military history with the commemoration of a First World War battle in 1918.  Dubbed the “Battle of Square Hill”, this event, taking place under the War Memorial in the front courtyard of the Castle, commemorates and celebrates the lives of the many brave soldiers who lost their lives in what was then called, German-East Africa.

The Board is inviting all citizens and tourists to join us in our first public event since the March COVID-19 lockdown.  Although it is a fun-day, people must take responsibility for their health and safety by following all the COVID-19 protocols.

Released by: The Castle Control Board, Cape Town

Media Enquiries: Calvyn Gilfellan, +27 (0)82 3346098 or ceo@castleofgoodhope.co.za

Rhino Exhibition Enquiries: Ms Carol Brown (Curator) on 0837781192.

COVID-19 Prayer Service: Bishop Templeton on 0611782262.

SA Muslim Museum: Ms Fadia Mohammed on 0734781728.

General Enquiries: Mr Sonwabile Maxebengula. +27 (0)73 751 9433 Email: heritage@castleofgoodhope.co.za.  For more information on individual events please call: +27 (0)21 787 1260 or visit www.castleofgoodhope.co.za


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