Uber will now let you send packages to other people in South Africa

September 1, 2020
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September 1, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

Uber has launched its new Uber Connect service in South Africa, which allows users to send packages to one another through the app.

“While restrictions continue to ease in level 2 of the nationwide lockdown, social distancing is still imperative – Uber Connect aims to keep users connected while encouraging social distancing,” Uber South Africa said in a blog post.

“This feature provides a cost-effective, on-demand, no-contact delivery solution for family and friends.”

Using this service, South Africans will be able to send items easily to each other without leaving their home.

Packages sent using Uber Connect must be worth less than the equivalent of R1,500, weigh less than 15 kilograms, and fit comfortably in the top box of a motorbike.

Uber South Africa noted that items including medication, recreational drugs, and dangerous or illegal items are prohibited.

It added that if your recipient is not available to receive the package, the delivery partner may contact the sender to resolve the issue.

“Uber does not maintain insurance coverage for package loss, damage, or theft,” the company said.

How to use Uber Connect

Uber said that users can follow the steps below to use Uber Connect:

  • Package the items in a sealed box or bag, wiping down surfaces with disinfectant
  • Type in the destination in your Uber app
  • Choose Uber Connect as the vehicle option (you may have to swipe up for the option)
  • Follow the notifications: You’ll get notifications providing instructions on how to help ensure a smooth pickup and when your delivery-partner is arriving, just as you would with an UberX trip
  • As you see the motorbike approach in the app, you should head outside and load your item into the top box
  • Share the trip with your recipient so that they can track the trip and meet the delivery partner outside to retrieve the package from the delivery partner

Uber noted that the Uber Connect service in South Africa is limited to areas where Uber Eats operates.

“Safety remains a top priority and Uber Connect follows all relevant hygiene and safety protocols,” Uber said.

“These include the requirement of masks for all drivers, as well as the completion of a safety checklist which reminds drivers to wash their hands and sanitise their relevant delivery bags.”

Senders and recipients will also need to follow a checklist to ensure social distancing measures are followed, the company added.

The image below shows how the Uber Connect functionality works within the Uber app (click to enlarge):

Uber Connect screenshot

source : https://bit.ly/3hOMXhx


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