Eskom stage 2 load-shedding to continue on Friday

August 13, 2020
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August 13, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

Eskom stage 2 load-shedding will continue to be implemented from 08:00 on Friday 14 August, Eskom has announced in a statement on Twitter.

This load-shedding will continue until 22:00 on Friday, and Eskom warned that there is a risk load-shedding will persist through the weekend.

This follows after stage 2 load-shedding was implemented from 08:00 on Thursday 13 August due to the loss of power generation units and a delay in bringing certain units back online.

“Eskom teams have successfully returned four generation units to service today,” the power utility said. “This, however, is not sufficient to stave off load-shedding at this point.”

“Eskom will, therefore, continue to implement stage 2 load-shedding until 22:00 tonight,” it said.

Eskom said that this load-shedding was caused by an increase in plant breakdowns over the past few days, adding that it would also help to preserve emergency reserves – namely diesel and water.

“Today, Eskom teams successfully returned a unit each at the Matimba, Kusile, Tutuka, and Kriel power stations,” it said.

“The delay of the return to service of a unit each at Duvha and Tutuka and the breakdown of two units at Kriel, and a unit each at Tutuka and Kendal power stations have resulted in the need for load-shedding today.”

Breakdowns this week have removed more than 13,500MW of capacity from the system, while planned maintenance stands at 5,000MW.

Eskom said that it is working hard to return as many of these generation units to service, but noted that the generating plant continues to perform at low levels of reliability.

Subsequently, any unexpected shift could result in a change in the load-shedding stage at short notice.

“We urge the public to continue reducing electricity usage to help us minimise load-shedding,” Eskom said.

“We will communicate should there be any significant changes to the supply situation.Eskom Hld SOC Ltd@Eskom_SA

#PowerAlert 2

Stage 2 loadshedding to continue until 22:00, and resume at 08:00 tomorrow

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