Clicks explains why some of its products are cheaper online than in-store

August 13, 2020
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August 13, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

A Clicks customer recently mailed MyBroadband to highlight discrepancies between the prices of items on Clicks’s ecommerce website and those in its physical stores.

This trend was noted for specific products which were more expensive in-store than on the Clicks website.

The customer noted that these online prices are not labelled as online-only deals, meaning that there is no clear reason why they should be any cheaper online than the in-store price.

Items that had different prices online when compared to their in-store pricing included:

  • Zam-Buk 60g – R49.99 in-store; R41.99 online.
  • Purity cornstarch powder – R39.99 in-store, R37.99 online.
  • Slow Mag Fizzy 20s – R154 in-store, R137 online.
  • Reuterina Chew 30s – R189 in-store, R187 online.

The customer purchased these items in-store and was surprised to discover when reading their slip that they had been charged more than the prices that they had seen for these products online.

When the customer submitted a support ticket, the customer support practitioner responded that Clicks does sometimes offer different pricing online compared to in-store.

“It is common practice for online stores to offer lower pricing when compared to physical stores as the costs of running and maintaining an online store is often lower than that of its counterpart,” said the support practitioner.

“At Clicks, we are committed to ensuring that our customers pay less and where possible pass on any cost savings we may have to our customers. For this reason, our online store may sometimes offer a product at a lower price than in-store.”

Clicks explains

When MyBroadband asked Clicks for clarification on the matter, its Chief Commercial Officer Rachel Wrigglesworth reiterated Clicks’ commitment to providing customers with the best possible deals.

“All our promotions with very limited exceptions are run online and in-store. We also periodically run online-only promotions,” said Wrigglesworth.

She also noted that Clicks’s prices can vary from online to in-store as per its pricing policy, which is available on the Clicks website in its Legal Terms and Conditions.

On this page, which can be read here, Clicks states the following:

Some products are not necessarily available in all Clicks stores and the prices on this Website may vary in-store from time to time, therefore Clicks makes no guarantee that any particular product will be available at the price displayed on this website in the Clicks store of your choice.

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