How much you can be fined for jogging or walking your dog during lockdown

March 31, 2020
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March 31, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

A 21-day nationwide lockdown kicked in on Friday morning to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in South Africa. This lockdown is in effect until 23:59 on Thursday 16 April.

All South Africans must stay at home during the lockdown, except for those involved in the provision of essential services.

South Africans are only allowed to leave their homes to buy food and medicine, to seek medical attention, and to collect a social grant.

Police Minister Bheki Cele said South Africans are not allowed to take their dogs for a walk or jog in the street during the lockdown.

“There is no need to be on the road. There is no need to move around. There shall be no dogs that will be walked,” said Cele.

Buying and transporting alcohol has also been prohibited. “If we find liquor in your boot, that is illegal,” said Cele.

Fines for transgressions

A list of admission of guilt fines has now been published by the Magistrates’ Courts Judiciary for offences in terms of the Disaster Management Act Regulations 2020.

Failure to confine oneself to your place of residence, for example, carries an admission of guilt fine of R1,500 for a first offender.

People who move between provinces or metropolitan areas without permission face fines of R5,000 for a first offence.

People involved in illegal gatherings face a fine of R5,000 for a first offence.

For second and third offenders there is no admission of guilt fines. Repeat offenders may be arrested and charged, and if they are found guilty, they can end up with a criminal record.

It should be noted that these fines are for a Gauteng region (5A), and that different fines can hold for different regions.

According to MyPE, Port Elizabeth, for example, sees the failure to confine oneself to their residence carry a R1,000 fine for a first offence and R2,500 for a second offence.

You are therefore encouraged to find the list of fines for your region instead of only relying on the list below.


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