Facebook Will Allow Users to Create 3D Photos Without Portrait Mode Camera

March 3, 2020
Posted in Tech
March 3, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

Facebook has announced in a blog post that its newly adopted 3D photo feature will no longer require a portrait photo. The news details that with the help of artificial intelligence, old 2D photos will be able to benefit from the feature, no matter how old it is. According to the post, “this system infers the 3D structure of any image, whether it is a new shot just taken on an Android or iOS device with a standard single camera, or a decades-old image recently uploaded to a phone or laptop.”

The one requirement however is that users must upload the photo with “an iPhone 7 or higher, or a recent midrange or better Android device” through the Facebook app.

Facebook’s 3D photo feature originally launched in 2018, right around the time smartphones began adopting dual-lens cameras. Facebook’s feature to take photos with various layers of depth, contrasting colors, and solid texture to create the appearance of a three-dimensional image.

Check out the updated feature now, then check out the new rumor on Apple’s new iPad Pro with built-in keyboard and trackpad.

Source Facebook Blog


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