Airbnb launches “Party Prevention” devices

February 24, 2020
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February 24, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

Airbnb has launched a dedicated page on its website for a range of surveillance devices which aim to crack down on unauthorized parties.

The “Party Prevention” devices are designed to detect issues when they arise while preserving the privacy of guests, Airbnb said.

“We want to help you protect your space, maintain the privacy of your guests, and preserve your relationship with neighbours,” the company states.

“This means helping you detect issues in real-time.”

There are three devices available – the Minut, NoiseAware Indoor Sensor, and Roomonitor – each of which monitors noise levels and alerts the owner of the property when predefined levels are exceeded.

Airbnb said that these devices accomplish this without recording any audio, preserving the privacy of guests.

Devices and pricing

The Minut monitors noise, temperature, motion, and humidity, and can also be used as an alarm system. The device does not need to be plugged into a power outlet to function.

The NoiseAware Indoor Sensor alerts customers within minutes of sustained noise levels and has been installed in over 700,000 properties.

“Excessive noise is a leading indicator of property misuse,” Airbnb states.

“NoiseAware’s privacy safe service will alert you within minutes of sustained noise levels, not instantaneous noises like doors slamming.”

Roomonitor delivers real-time noise monitoring for short term rentals and also does not record audio.

Airbnb offers heavy discounts on the devices for hosts that use its platform. The price of these three noise monitors for Airbnb hosts is listed below:

  • Minut – $99
  • NoiseAware Indoor Sensor – $149
  • Roomonitor – $39

Airbnb lists a disclaimer on its Party Prevention page which notes that it is not responsible for these devices.

“Airbnb does not endorse any of these devices,” the company states on its website. “Install devices according to manufacturer’s instructions.”



NoiseAware Indoor Sensor

NoiseAware Indoor Sensor



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