DStv channels and prices – Premium vs Compact vs Compact Plus

February 3, 2020
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February 3, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

MultiChoice offers DStv customers a number of bouquets, each of which has its own selection of channels and perks.

For example, DStv Compact is priced at R399 per month and offers viewers 118 channels, while DStv Premium offers 150 channels and is priced at R809 per month.

DStv Premium also includes a free subscription to Showmax.

Each bouquet’s offering can also change when DStv launches new channels or makes channels available to viewers on lower-subscription tiers.

We’ve detailed some of the most recent changes below and compared the current offerings and prices of the DStv Compact, Compact Plus, and Premium bouquets.

New channels and shows

In November 2019, MultiChoice announced that it had launched two new DStv channels – CBS Justice and CuriosityStream.

CBS Justice is a 24/7 crime channel which is available to Premium and Compact Plus subscribers on DStv channel 170.

CuriosityStream is a Premium-only offering and is being aired on channel 185.

The company also said it would bring more shows from its higher-level bouquets to DStv Compact subscribers.

These shows include the locally-produced Grassroots and the Real Housewives of Johannesburg, which were previously only available on 1Magic and Showmax.

The shows are now broadcast on Mzansi Magic (channel 161) and Mzansi Wethu (channel 163), in addition to 1Magic.


The monthly price and number of channels in each DStv package are summarised in the table below. The prices exclude the monthly PVR Access Fee.

PackagePriceChannelsCost per Channel
DStv PremiumR809151R5.34
DStv Compact PlusR519133R3.90
DStv CompactR399120R3.33
DStv FamilyR26587R3.05
DStv AccessR9967R1.48
DStv EasyViewR2937R0.78

DStv Compact and up

The table below shows which channels you get with a DStv Compact subscription. All of these channels are also included with DStv Compact Plus and DStv Premium.

DStv Compact and up – R399 per month
Movies & Entertainment
M-Net Movies Action (110)Fox Life (126)M-Net Movies Zone (139)Moja Love (157)
M-Net Movies All Stars (111)BET (129)eMovies Extra (140)Mzansi Magic (161)
Studio Universal (112)MTV (130)EVA (141)Mzansi Wethu (163)
M-Net City (115)Lifetime (131)kykNET & Kie (145)Mzansi Bioskop (164)
Vuzu (116)CBS Reality (132)kykNET Nou! (146)ZEE World (166)
Universal Channel HD (117)Discovery TLC Entertainment (135)AfricaMagic Epic (152)Star Life (167)
Telemundo (118)Discovery Family (136)AfricaMagic Family (154)ROK (168)
BBC Brit (120)TNT Africa (137)Real Time (155)e.TV Extra (195)
Fox HD (125)eMovies (138)SABC Encore (156)
Documentaries & Lifestyle
VIA (147)Food Network (175)Fashion One (178)Nat Geo Wild (182)
Discovery ID (171)The Home Channel (176)Travel Channel (179)Ignition (189)
BBC Lifestyle (174)HGTV (177)National Geographic Channel (181)Spice TV (190)
SABC 1 (191)e.tv (194)1KZN TV (261)GauTV (265)
SABC 2 (192)Soweto TV (251)Tshwane TV (262)Lesotho TV (292)
SABC 3 (193)Bay TV (260)Cape Town TV (263)NTA I (299)
SuperSport Blitz (200)SuperSport 7 (207)SuperSport 11 (211)TeleTrack (239)
SuperSport 3 (203)SuperSport 9 (209)SuperSport 10 (210)Ginx eSports (127)
SuperSport 4 (204)
Kids & Teen
Cartoon Network (301)Disney XD (304)JimJam (310)eToonz (311)
Boomerang (302)NickToons (308)Disney Junior (309)Mindset (319)
Disney (303)
Channel O (320)MTV Base (322)Trace Africa (326)One Gospel (331)
Mzansi Music (321)Trace Urban (325)Sound City (327)Trace Gospel (332)
Dumisa (340)Day Star (342)iTV (347)Emmanuel.TV (390)
Faith (341)TBN (343)
News & Commerce
BBC World News (400)SABC News (404)Russia Today (407)CNBC Africa (410)
CNN International (401)Newzroom Afrika (405)Parliamentary Service (408)Business Day TV (412)
eNCA (403)Al Jazeera (406)CGTN News (409)NDTV 24X7 (413)
Rai Italia (430)RTPi (435)Deutsche Welle (446)CCTV-4 (447)
Beste van Nederlands (431)TV5 Monde Afrique (437)

DStv Compact Plus and up

The following channels are included in DStv Compact and DStv Premium subscriptions.

DStv Compact Plus and up – R519 per month
Movies & Entertainment
1Magic (103)E! Entertainment Television (124)
Comedy Central (122)kykNET (144)
ITV Choice (123)AfricaMagic Urban Movies (153)
Documentaries & Lifestyle
CBS Justice (170)History (186)
Curiosity Stream (185)
SuperSport 8 (208)
Kids & Teen
Nickelodeon (305)
CBeebies (306)
MTV Music 24 (323)
News & Commerce
Sky News (402)

DStv Premium

The following channels are only available on DStv Premium.

DStv Premium – R809 per month
Movies & Entertainment
M-Net HD (101)Sundance TV (108)
M-Net Movies Premiere (104)BBC First (119)
M-Net Movies Smile (105)M-Net Plus 1 (901)
M-Net Movies Action+ (106)
Documentaries & Lifestyle
BBC Earth (184)
SuperSport 1 (201)SuperSport 6 (206)
SuperSport 2 (202)SuperSport 12 (212)
SuperSport 5 (205)SuperSport Maximo (235)
Kids & Teen
Nick Jr. (307)
News & Commerce
Bloomberg (411)

source : https://bit.ly/2Sbddaw


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