Eskom stage 2 load-shedding implemented

January 30, 2020
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January 30, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

Eskom announced that it will implement stage 2 load-shedding from 21:00 on Thursday until 06:00 on Friday.

“Eskom will implement stage 2 load-shedding from 21:00 to 06:00 tomorrow morning due to system constraints and our depleting emergency resources,” the power utility said.

“We have been using pumped storage schemes and open-cycle gas turbines extensively over the past few days in order to supplement capacity, and we need to replenish these overnight.”

Eskom said the risk of stage 2 load-shedding continuing tomorrow and into the weekend remains high, but said it would review the status of the power grid tomorrow morning.

“We unreservedly apologise to South Africans for the negative impact this may have on them,” Eskom said.

“We want to assure the nation that we continue to work tirelessly to bring back online units that experienced breakdowns.”

Eskom warned South Africans on Thursday morning that the risk of load-shedding was high, stating that it was forced to use diesel generators to meet demand.

Load shedding last hit in the first weeks of January.

Eskom says that it has managed to avoid load shedding since then – despite high levels of unplanned outages, sitting around 13,000MW – due to lower demand and adequate reserves.

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