5G smartphones set for massive growth in 2020

January 28, 2020
January 28, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

Gartner predicts that 1.57 billion smartphone units will be sold in 2020, which would constitute a 3% year-on-year increase.

This follows a poor year for smartphone sales in 2019, where smartphone sales declined by 2% – the first time since 2008 that the global smartphone market suffered a year-on-year decrease in sales.

“2019 was a challenging year for smartphone vendors, primarily due to oversupply in the high-end sector in mature markets and longer replacement cycles overall,” said Annette Zimmermann, research vice president at Gartner.

Zimmermann highlighted that many users may also have delayed their smartphone purchases until this year in the hope that prices would be reduced.

However, she predicted that the market will rebound in 2020 due to the introduction of 5G network coverage in more countries.

5G smartphones set for huge growth

Gartner believes that general strong demand for 5G smartphones, including Apple’s expected first 5G iPhone, will be a key driving force for smartphone demand across the globe – with particular interest being expected in in the Asia/Pacific and Greater China regions.

Gartner has predicted that 221 million 5G smartphones will be sold in 2020, which is expected to account for 12% of this year’s overall mobile phone sales.

“5G phones costing under $300 have been announced, so sales growth of 5G phones is expected to exceed that of 4G phones over twelve months,” said Zimmermann.

This figure will increase by over double in 2021, forecasts Gartner, when it believes 489 million 5G smartphone units will be sold.

Zimmerman also highlighted that MWC 2020 is expected to place a great focus on 5G devices at both the affordable and expensive ends of the pricing scale.

“The key focus for vendors will be access to 5G and enhancement of the camera technology within devices.”

View Garner’s smartphone sales statistics for 2019, as well as its predictions for 2020 and 2021, below.

Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Region
Eastern Europe48,46848,53249,121
Emerging Asia/Pacific363,643376,784396,394
Greater China411,351432,328426,002
Latin America129,830125,635122,963
Mature Asia/Pacific30,09531,80231,234
Middle East and North Africa73,87278,22675,604
North America152,857155,350158,618
Sub-Saharan Africa90,10391,91793,169
Western Europe144,141147,457150,206

source : https://bit.ly/2O6UkUL


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