Here is the average salary increase in South Africa

January 21, 2020
January 21, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

P-E Corporate Services has released its 2019/2020 Salary Trends report, which shows the average salary increase in South Africa over the last year was 6.2%.

The P-E Corporate Services Salary Trends report is based on over 500 benchmarked positions across all industries.

The data is gathered from over 800 organisations employing in excess of 1.5 million staff, representing over 10% of South Africa’s economically-active population.

The report also provides market data for different levels of staff in South Africa, from lower-level income to middle/line management.

Average salary increases in South Africa

The report stated that the average salary increase was 6.2%, down from 6.4% the previous year.

While there has been a downward trend in annual salary increases in South Africa, inflation has also decreased during the period.

When adjusted for inflation, the average salary increases in South Africa have improved over the past five years.

The table below shows a five-year history of annual increases in basic salaries compared with the measure used for inflation targeting.

Salary Increases vs Inflation
YearAverage Salary IncreasesInflation
5-Year Average6.5%5.1%

Salary increases by industry

The 2019/2020 Salary Trends report further revealed that construction staff received the lowest average increase at 5.8%.

Employees in the information technology sector also saw a consistent decline in salary increases over the past five years – down from 7.2% in 2015 to 6.5% last year.

Employees at state-owned enterprises, however, received the highest average salary increase at 7.1%. This was significantly higher than most private companies.

The table below provides an overview of the average salary increases by industry over the past five years.

Annual Salary Increase
Clerical and Secretarial7.1%6.2%6.2%6.5%5.8%
Financial and Accounting7.2%6.2%6.4%6.4%6.2%
Information Systems7.0%6.6%6.8%6.7%6.5%
Human Resources7.1%6.2%6.4%6.5%6.1%
General Administration6.8%6.1%6.3%6.6%6.0%
Manufacturing and Operations7.1%6.3%6.6%6.6%6.4%
Technical and Engineering6.9%6.5%6.8%6.7%6.3%
Qualified Artisans7.2%6.3%6.6%6.5%6.3%
Sales and Marketing/Call Centre7.0%6.1%6.2%6.3%5.9%

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