Sony Unveils Official PlayStation 5 Logo

January 7, 2020
Posted in Gaming
January 7, 2020 Tumelo Moloi

With countless rumors surrounding the PlayStation 5Sony PlayStation CEO and President Jim Ryan confirmed one fact regarding the highly-anticipated gaming console: its logo. Revealed during the Sony CES keynote event, the PS5’s logo doesn’t differ from its PS4 and PS3 predecessors — the only real difference being the number at the end to symbolize the machine’s generation. Images of the actual unit, however, remain unseen.

In addition to the PS5’s logo, the console’s expected holiday 2020 release window was reaffirmed by Sony in a now-deleted tweet. Ryan also touched on the milestones of the PS4 during the keynote event, announcing that the console has sold 106 million units, 1.15 billion games, 5 million PlayStation VR units, 103 million monthly active users including 38.8 million PlayStation Plus members.

Numerous rumored leaks have hit the internet since the console’s announcement, ranging from patented controller changesbackwards compatibility and the V-shaped devkit. Only one game for the PS5 has been confirmed so far, namely the looter-slasher title Godfall.

Take a look at the logo below and stay tuned for more information about the PS5.


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