YouTube Music Launches Three Personalized Playlists

December 18, 2019
Posted in Tech
December 18, 2019 Tumelo Moloi

YouTube Music has officially launched its first personalized playlists — “Discover Mix,” “New Release Mix” and “Your Mix.”

Enlisting 50 songs that are updated every Wednesday, the Discover Mix names new artists that are supposedly not on your radar and less-popular tracks from the artists that already are. The New Release Mix, on the other hand, includes recent tracks from the artists in your rotation, plus several recommendations from YouTube Music. Much like other release-centered playlists, the New Release Mix will mostly update on Fridays along with minor updates in the middle of the week. Finally, YouTube Music’s Your Mix playlist follows a more general curation of the user’s music taste, shuffling familiar tracks with new picks that share a similar sonic DNA.

Users who spend more time on YouTube Music will be provided with better-curated playlists, while new users can start the process by selecting a few artists that they like during set up or by listening to some songs. The playlists can be found in the “Mixed for you” section on YouTube Music and can be played on a browser and the iOS and Android apps.


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