Samsung has sold 1 million Galaxy Fold smartphones

December 13, 2019
Posted in Tech
December 13, 2019 Tumelo Moloi

Samsung has sold 1 million Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones, Samsung Electronics president Young Sohn has revealed.

Speaking at TechCrunch’s Disrupt event in Berlin, Sohn said that “there are a million people that want to use this product at $2,000 each.”

He later clarified that the company had indeed sold 1 million Galaxy Fold units.

While this pales in comparison to Samsung’s other popular smartphones, this is an impressive figure for a device that uses a brand-new technology, has a $2,000 (R43,999) price point, and has had its fair share of troubles.

Launch issues

The Galaxy Fold went on sale in September – significantly later than originally planned as a result of various issues found in its test units.

Reviewers reported several problems with the Galaxy Fold, including the display breaking and flickering for unknown reasons.

Some users, such as YouTuber Marques Brownlee, tried to peel off what looks like a screen protector on the Galaxy Fold’s display only to find that peeling off this layer completely broke the display.

Others reported the displays of their devices flicker and turning off after only a few days, even when this protective film was left undisturbed on the device.

Samsung fixed these issues before the official launch of the Galaxy Fold.

Reports have indicated that Samsung may launch the Galaxy Fold 2 as soon as April 2020.

Instead of folding outwards into a tablet-like form, the Galaxy Fold 2 will allegedly fold upwards like a flip-phone.

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