You can now attach emails to other emails in Gmail

December 10, 2019
Posted in Tech
December 10, 2019 Tumelo Moloi

It may sound confusing, but it’s actually quite simple: A new Gmail feature lets you attach an email or an entire thread to another email. 

In a blog post, Google explains that, in some situations, this could be more practical than forwarding several separate emails. “Sending emails as attachments allows you to write a summary email message to your recipients, and attach the set of supporting emails that recipients can directly open in their mail client,” the post says. It’s not a need I’ve encountered often, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the option. 

To do it, you can start a new email and then just drag the subject line from a list of emails and the software will recognize it as a possible attachment 

Instead of cluttering your Gmail inbox and those of your correspondents with forwarded emails, you can now simply send one as an attachment.

On Monday, Google announced that emails can now be sent with other emails as attachments rather than as forwarded messages. There’s no need to first download the item of mail to convert it to an attachable file. 


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