The Rand Show rebrands

November 20, 2019
November 20, 2019 Tumelo Moloi

With a legacy spanning 125 years, the Rand Show has a great heritage but over recent years has lost its appeal. This year the show boasts a colourful and vibrant look-and-feel that its organisers believe will not only change this but wow its audience.Craig Newman, CEO of the Johannesburg Expo Centre says their research showed that people viewed the Rand Show as ‘same old, same old’. “The rebrand of the brand identity brings a change that is bold, bright and vibrant,” he says.

Responsible for the show’s new look is CWDi. Samantha Gabriel, Group MD at CWDi explains that the agency was involved in the Rand Show last year. “While we only handled a small portion of the show, we could see the potential of the show, but we realised it needed to be brought into something more youthful that related to families and was relevant to what people want today.”

The vibrant colours and the movement in the new look-and-feel of the show’s brand has been created to achieve just that. “Also, by generating a new key brand message around ‘#MyRandShow’, it takes the consumer along the discovery of a personal experience which is what everybody wants. It is about their experience, your discovery, hence: ‘your Rand, your show’,” she explains.

It is also a nice play on words for us, she adds.

The logo has been simplified to bring it into the future. “We removed the date the show was established from the logo. While it is amazing that the show started in 1895, it plays against the brand as it is viewed as old and dated. By removing the date, it gave the logo the fresh energy it needed,” she says.

The media campaign has also been revamped. “Instead of talking about the Rand Show, the focus is on the key attractions people can come and enjoy. This is not just one attraction; it is aimed at what mom wants, dad wants and the kids – showing that there is something for everyone.”

The focus of the campaign is more digital with massive campaigns on YouTube, Twitter and on programmatic. “Traditional media such as out of home, radio and television still plays a role. We have big partners in Kaya FM and with OpenView HD. Kaya FM speaks directly to the Afropolitan – a key market for us,” she explains.

“The visitor campaign launching next year will be a bit more playful and not just standard static advertising, with an electronic treasure hunt to discover more – tying back to the discovery element of the show. It’s not just click and pay, it’s about engaging audiences.”

However, this is not just a superficial rebrand, it runs deeper than a refreshed logo and look. “Our vision is to be an event that no one wants to miss and if they do, they fomo. Therefore, we’ve changed the structure of the show,” says Newman.

The result, he says, is not something that is 125 years old, but a show that meets the needs of today’s consumers. “We are giving consumers what they want – a lifestyle, food, drinks and entertainment experience they can discover and make their own.”

2020 will see a highly interactive Kids Zone, a Foodie Zone delivering on-trend produce and experiences, such as craft breweries and gin tasting, a coffee and chocolate experience and delicious food tasters, as well as new Lifestyle, Design, Entertainment, Outdoor and Action and Retail Zones.

What they haven’t changed, he says, is the price. “We have taken cognisant of price and therefore the entrance ticket is the same as last year with kids under six free. We are also running a Black Friday campaign on tickets,” he says.

“We want families to come for the day – arriving early and leaving late, and still feeling like they need to come back,” he concludes.

The Rand Show takes place from 8 to 13 April 2020. For more info, visit and follow the show on FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube.

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