No Time For Idle Hands

September 5, 2013
September 5, 2013 SchoolMedia

SchoolMedia facilitates holiday programme for learners

SchoolMedia recently held a holiday programme where Educationally Active Students (EAS) volunteered to spend time constructing a permaculture garden within SchoolMedia’s premises. The learners will be able to harvest their produce and sell it onto their schools and families, both providing the community with fresh produce while earning an income for themselves.

The holiday programme was designed to get the youth involved in creating a more eco-friendly environment. The permaculture garden is well-maintained by the EAS on a weekly basis, as well as during school holidays. Additionally, SchoolMedia recently kicked-off with a clean-up day which takes place every Friday after school from 2pm to 4pm. Local schools in the surrounding area are encouraged to get involved and get their hands dirty.

“SchoolMedia is always happy to facilitate environmentally friendly business workshops and to positively contribute to the preservation of our environment as well as developing a sustainable society. In addition to sharing information, SchoolMedia prides itself on educating the community on relevant issues” says Khethi Ngwenya MD of SchoolMedia.

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