What we do

SchoolMedia is a company that connects brands with schools by helping clients rent advertising space (including but not limited to wall and bathroom space). The advertising revenue then goes back to uplifting the school. SchoolMedia prides itself in assuring that all parties involved benefit, this is solidified by it’s close affiliation to the National Association of governing bodies.

SchoolMedia’s intention is not only to sell, which it does, but we also believe in the value of awarding more information and opportunities to young people. We leave our clients happy by giving them the platform to interact and sell to a wide selection of schools across the country.

SchoolMedia realises that everything is going digital, except, applying this new technology to schools has been difficult. Our introduction into the digital space began with the birth of our extension - Xhuma.

Xhuma, uses USSD codes to connect parents with schools. With Xhuma a parent can dial a number from any phone and get information, like the school exam timetable, scheduled meetings and any communication the school might wish to send to parents.

We build communities and solidify dreams through marketing and advertising. We build the future.